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about us

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Information about football – Check! Information about the Premier league – Check! Information about Referees…?


To start something new. To start something interesting. This was our ideal motto behind why and how we started The Whistleblower. We were always eager to start our own blog site; to showcase our creativity and knowledge over a certain subject. However, the niche of the subject had to be something that hadn’t been done before. And so, the rigorous search for a subject began. Through this small journey we uncovered a few selectively interesting subjects; but, ultimately chose Referees due to their expansive roots for conversation.

Who We Are?

We are a group of committed students who specialise in contextualising the latest information on referees and their related substances.

What we do?

We offer information, insight and integral understanding on referees, through our blogs. We also have a statistics page which helps users understand the quantitative value of referees. We try and create a fun, diverse and well driven website to capture the true assertiveness of referees.


Here at The Whistleblower, we believe there is not enough content that surrounds the world of referees (another reason why we starting the website). We believe referees are undermined, overlooked and subjectified too quickly in some situations. So, in order to create a fair playing field, we decided to write blogs that deliver both perspectives of speculation. We decided to address the performances of referees with critical analysis and supported evidence.

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