The FA to trial sin bins at grass roots level from next season.

Maybe Rugby was doing something right all along as The FA look at sin bins for football. From next season teams from the 11th division of English football and below will get the chance to try out a new sin bin style system to try and tackle dissent towards referees at grass roots level. If this new rule is successful, them there is a chance of this being implemented at a higher level. Although unlikely to hit the Premier League any time soon, this is something that could work easily in the National League and below.

Will sin bins protect referees?

It is good to see The FA taking an active stance in protecting referees at the lower levels of football. Having previously having different respect campaigns aimed at stopping the abuse referees receive at grass roots. This will give referees some power when dealing with potentially abusive players.


How sin bins would work in football?

A sin bin would last for ten minutes and would only be for dissent. A significant number of yellow cards handed out at amateur level are for dissent towards the referee. The FA believe sin bins will help influence behaviour of players with an immediate impact on the offender and the game being played.


Verdict: Good or bad for Football?

Good: a rule that fans have been crying out to be implemented for years. This should teach players to respect referees and the decisions they make. This should also provide some much-needed protection for the referees, especially at grass roots level where football isn’t as widely regulated.


Author: George Vines

Football Business & Media Studies; UCFB Wembley

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