Goal line Technology?

What is goal line technology?

Well…. A brief description from the FA describes it as a system that is not to interfere with the game. Requirements for goal line technology were that the officials were the only people to receive a signal which would indicate to them if the ball crosses tRFID-BLOG-GOAL-LINE4he line or not. An other requirement was no no game delay which meant the referees would have this information nearly instil which allowed the system to not cause a storage in the game.

When has goal line technology been effective?

One of the main influences that bought Goal line technology into the game was the incident that occurred int the England vs Germany game at Wembley in 2010, In this game of huge international rivals Frank Lampard’s goal was not given as the referee did not believe it had crossed the line. This ‘Dissallowed’ goal led to England being knocked out and led to them not being able to reach the Quarter finals. This lead to the FA making a decision to implement goal line technology into the game for the for seeing future or until some new technology comes along to make the game better.


Examples of goal line technology


These the three examples above show goals in big football games that two of them having used goal line technology and the other being before it was installed. The instalment of goal line technology is very was very beneficially to referees, Why is this?

Why goal line tech helps Referees?

  • Relieves pressure of  big decisions of games
  • Makes the game fairer
  • Players and fans are happy
  • Refs have less to worry about
  • Their are no complaints on decision made


Author: George Vines

Football Business & Media Studies; UCFB Wembley

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