Premier League season 2016/17 – Referee Awards

We’ve all heard of Premier League awards for top goalscorers, best young talents and best managers for a season. But, why haven’t we got awards for referees? Fear not, here at the WhistleBlower we have made a verdict on who we think deserves the best accolades for this season.

The ‘Flare’ Award – Winner: Mike Dean

(Source: Sun)

At the centre of weekly controversy this season, it’s none other than Mike Dean who wins our flare award. Having distributed the most red cards this season, Dean had little competition for this nomination. Most surprisingly, 5 of the last 6 red cards shown by Dean have all been revoked after further consideration!

The ‘Hazard Warning’ Award – Winner: Kevin Friend

(Source: Express)

It’s not always a nice idea to try and wind up the referee this season, especially Kevin Friend. Having only officiated 19 league games so far this season, many wonder why Friend has won this nomination. Well, having shown 91 yellow cards in that small time frame, it comes as no shock! Friend also boasts the highest number of cards shown per game, having nearly averaged 5!

The ‘League Routine’ Award – Winner: Michael Oliver

(Source: mlsnews)

It’s not an easy job being a referee in the Premier League. With wrong decisions and quick adjustments always altered by the League’s board; referees are not always given time and room to officiate at their full capability. However, that’s not been a problem for Michael Oliver; who’s been given the license to manage the most amount of games this season – at a tally of 29 so far.

WhistleBlower’s Referee of The Year – Winner: Mike Jones

mike jones
(Source: BFC)

Not a very prominent name within the Premier League, but a very crucial and consistent referee indeed. Mike Jones hasn’t officiated many matches this season, with a mere total of 17! However, his lenient nature and reluctance to let the fast paced game in the league proceed without many disruptions has given him the edge over other suitable candidates. Jones has also kept his cards in his pockets, and given appropriate decisions when they needed to be taken. This season Jones has become a very likable, consistent and accurate with his officiating – giving him the most prestigious award we could, ‘WhistleBlower’s Referee of The year’.

What do you think about our choices? Were they correct? What referees would you nominate? Let us know by tweeting us or even commenting on our instagram page!


Author: George Vines

Football Business & Media Studies; UCFB Wembley

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