Video Assistant Refereeing: ‘How Long Will It Take?’ – Paul Ince

Before France hosted Spain in tonight’s International friendly; Paul Ince gave his view on the use of Video Assistant refereeing (VAR). The former player/manager was very optimistic, as well as insightful when questioned by presenter Jacqui Oatley. 

When Oatley started the conversation, she addressed Ince as ‘Skeptical’ about the use of VAR. Ince replied ” For me, it’s more about the timescale. How long is it going to take for these referees to make these decisions.” He also goes onto point of that some decisions such as diving and penalty claims will ” Stop the flow of the game.”

Paul Ince on the sets of ITV4’s football pre-show (Source: Mirror)

Ince further elaborates ” There might be a situation in the game where we’re winning one nil or losing one nil, and we’ve got the momentum. And it’s taken a minute, two minutes, for a decision to be made. And the team can lose the momentum. So, I think it is trial and error.” These strong assumptions, by Ince, were then concluded with ” I’m not 100% behind it (VAR) yet…”, with further clarification suggesting ” there are a lot of grey areas about this, but it will be interesting to see how it goes.”

Paul Ince gave some strong opinions about the use of video technology, with its ever present use always under the limelight. Ultimately, video technology had a big influence on the match which Ince and Oatley were presenting. To find out what happened with more information on VAR, just click here!


Author: George Vines

Football Business & Media Studies; UCFB Wembley

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